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Alex and Wil

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Our Story

Alex and Wil met the traditional way for 30-somethings: online. Notwithstanding a first date that was delayed an hour or so by one of them forgetting it was happening, they immediately hit it off. Within a few dates they found shared passions for trivia, video games, and of Disney, all shared loves and passions that continue to this day. Alex finally convinced Wil he was in fact a cat person, despite his great protests to the contrary, and Wil shared his love of tabletop gaming and has dragged her (only occasionally kicking and screaming) into that world. Over years of Disney and Zoo trips, of friends and family weddings, quiet nights at home and boisterous nights at sea, their love has only grown and they've only grown closer.

Wil and Alex got engaged, fittingly, in front of the gates at Disney World to a background of fireworks and Christmas music, despite the great efforts of a hurricane to ruin Wil's plans. They live in Santee with their cat Bailey, and could not be happier to have you all joining them for their wedding.