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What is the dress code?

our dress code is cocktail or formal attire.

we'd both like this to be a formal and festive event, meaning we'd love to see you dressed in your best! consider attire such as a cocktail-length dress or dressy separates for women; for men, please wear a suit and tie (or tux if you're feeling fancy).

What time should I arrive to the ceremony?

our ceremony will start promptly at 3:15 PM. please aim to arrive by 3:00 PM, as we would love to have everyone seated and ready before our start time.

Will the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception take place indoors or outdoors?

our ceremony and cocktail hour will both be held outdoors before we move indoors for our reception. we will provide a small amount of lightweight shawls for those who need some extra warmth during the ceremony, and there will be heat lamps out during cocktail hour.

in the unfortunate event of rain, all events will be held indoors.

Is there parking available at the wedding venue?

yes, the crossings at carlsbad has its own parking lot.

What's the best way to RSVP?

we will gladly accept your RSVP cards via snail mail or online via this website, whatever is most convenient for you!

please note! our RSVP deadline is november 1st, 2023.

I have dietary restrictions/allergies. What's the best way to let you know?

there will be a spot when you RSVP (via both paper or online) to tell us about any dietary restrictions or allergies. please feel free to email us if you need to update this information, or would like to confirm that we have received and noted it down ourselves.

Can I bring my gift to the wedding?

your presence is present enough, but should you wish to bring a gift to our wedding, there will be a gift table and a card box for your convenience.

who is wil? who is david?

the groom's full name is David Wilson Jordan. growing up he went by David, and for a variety of reasons starting in college switched to his middle name, shortened to Wil. you will see both names used interchangeably during the ceremony and reception. his family, as well as people who know him from high school or through family, typically use David. those he met later in life (notably, Alex) typically use Wil. please use whichever you feel comfortable with, as he answers to both, but generally prefers Wil.

are children welcome?

yes, we would be happy to host you and your family! however, please note that we are unable to provide childcare or a separate area for children during the ceremony and reception.